Can I drive a quad on the road?

Of course, many quads including the venom are fully road legal.

What licence do I require?

You drive a quad on a car licence and can not drive a quad on a motorcycle licence.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

The law does not require you to wear a helmet. As distributors we ask you to make good judgment with regard to your own safety.

Can I carry a passenger?

Some quads including the venom are road legal for two people.

Who can I get insurance through?

Several companies offer quad insurance, however we recommend Bike sure who we are affiliated with and are the largest insurer of motorcycles in the uk.

How much is a typical premium?

Prices vary according to personal statistics but a 35 yr old man living in Cambridgeshire with no driving convictions could expect to pay between £200-£250.

How much is road tax?

Road tax is a flat rate of £120 per annum.

Do I require an MOT test?

When the quad is 3 years old a test is required yearly.

Where does the bike come from and who assembles them?

Apaches are manufactured in Taiwan and imported by Apache who are based in Kidderminster, we are main dealers for Apache. Our own bikes we import from china and are assembled by Master technicians at Crightons Mitsubishi in Peterborough.

What engine does the Venom have?

The engine is a Loncin, the largest engine manufacture in china and is essentially a rebranded Honda.

What is the performance of the Venom like?

The venom cruises and corners very well, it has none of the problems people have commonly assumed with quads not having slip differential. The venom is a 250 cc engine and the performance is to be considered enjoyable opposed to exhilarating for which a bigger engined quad may be more appropriate.

What colours are quads available in?

Apaches normally come in one colour per model, some models are available in more than one colour.
The venom is two tone always with black and any one of green, blue, red, yellow and white.

How many miles can I drive on a tank?

Performance varies greatly according to rider style and the type of journey undertaken but ranges of 100 miles are common on a single tank of 8 litres.

Can I drive on motorways?

Quads may not be the most appropriate form of transport on a motorway however we are unaware of any laws which prevent them being used if required.

How do I tow the vehicle?

The best way to tow a quad is using a lightweight purpose made trailer.

Where can I get a trailer?

We sell galvanised purposed made trailers.

Where can I get my quad serviced?

Your quad can be returned to us for servicing with Crightons Mitsubishi, the master technicians here having excellent experience with quads. Alternatively a number of quad specialising service centres are available throughout the Uk and most good bike shops. Quads generally use standard bike consumables ie. Oil, filters and plugs etc.

What is the warranty with my new quad?

Apache have 2 year mechanical warrantys on all their bikes and we provide warranty for the first year on mechanical parts for the venom.

Where can I get spares and replacement parts?

Apache parts are available from ourselves or any other Apache dealer and from Apache direct on the internet. Parts for the venom are stocked by ourselves.

How do I prevent my quad from being stolen?

There are a number of security devices available for quads/ motorcycles. We recommend and can sell ground bolts for physical restraint in your garage and Akermann insurance approved alarm, immobilisers. Please do underestimate security for your new quad these are highly desirable vehicles.

Id like a cover, where can I get one?

We stock a purpose tailored and designed cover for the venom and are looking to expand this range for other quads shortly.

Do you deliver? What is the delivery period?

Yes we can deliver. The delivery period varies according to distance and our current workload. Please call to discuss.

Is finance available?

We hope to be able to offer full finance facilities shortly