This website sells several types of Road Legal Quads, Including our 2 seater quad, The Venom. We also stock a range of Quadzilla Quads.

New to the UK the latest road legal quad is the two-seater “Venom”. This means two people can now have fun riding a quad bike and for recreational road purposes the only license required is a car driving license. If you don’t need to carry a passengers you may prefer the latest single seater Road Legal Quad just as much fun but at a budget price. Both Quads are the ultimate in Road Legal Quad

It is because the quad bike is a four wheel vehicle, it can be ridden without the need for either a motorbike licence or any other special type of licence specific to road legal quads. To ride a road legal quad in the UK all that is required is a car licence, and as a quad bike is larger than a motorbike it is more easily seen so safer on the road. The majority of people who already have a car licence will require no lessons or examination, you can start riding your road legal quad right away but be aware they are fun machines and totally different to driving a car. Caution and great care is required until you have mastered the art of quad driving.

Although it is fully legal to ride a quad without wearing a helmet we highly recommend that a crash helmet is worn when riding and the visor will help your vision and protect your face and eyes from flying insects. It is a good idea to consider purchasing a helmet even though it is not mandatory.

If you are considering purchasing a road legal quad, why not come and take a test drive. It is almost a certainty that once you experience the thrill and fun of driving a road legal quad you will be sure the road legal quad is right for you.

Taking all into account, if you are interested in buying a road legal quad, then please give us a call today to make any enquiries you may have. We will be pleased to give all information before you make your purchase, so be completely sure you have as much knowledge as possible before you buy your road legal quad.

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